Pic 1

When the Demon came into the room, Turtles were very startled! But we had been practicing saying “Demon’s out, Happiness in!” While some children hid behind the teacher, many went after the Demon and threw balls at them! Some who were scared and hiding were able to say the words and throw balls when the teacher helped remind them. Turtles are strong and good children!

Pic 2


After we scared the Demon away with balls and saying “Demon out, Happiness in!” Turtles enjoyed singing the Demon’s Pants song! We were so happy we were able to scare away the Demon and bring in Good Luck that we sang very loudly!




 Pic 3


For lunch on Setsubun, the children got to enjoy eating a special sushi roll. They faced the lucky direction while eating and tried to be quiet for a little bit of time. They found it very interesting that there was so many different foods rolled together!