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ppy Halloween! It has been an exciting month in Tigers because we received our purchases from the Summer Festival. The children have been enjoying playing with our new board games and also reading our new Dr Seuss Books.

Our first game is Monopoly. This is a good game for teaching  children about money, buying and spending and also being careful not to spend too much. Everyone likes the cute characters that they get to play with and also spending money!


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We also bought Guess Who? And Battleship. Guess is a great game for getting the children to ask and answer questions using their adjectives in English. This game is the most popular especially amongst our girls. Battleship is a strategy game where the children use a grid to locate and destroy different Battleships. It has been good to watch the children learn how to use the grid and understand the concept of using a grid to locate an item.



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Lastly we have Cluedo is a solve the mystery game. The children must use questions in English about items, people and location in order to eliminate them from a list and discover who committed the crime. It is a difficult game but great for getting the children talking. Lastly our Dr Suess Books have been awesome having the children listen for rhyming words and understanding basic poetry.

Happy Halloween     From Carsten and Hector.