1-iJune Ocean 1

This month in Tigers Class we have been learning all about under the sea. One of our in class activities was looking at different types of sea animals. We talked about the different types of things that we can find in the ocean. Together as a class we made a giant floor puzzle this helped us to talk about different things we can find in the ocean and the levels of the ocean Sunlit, Twilight, Midnight and Abyss Zones.

 Next the children drew the different zones of the Ocean on construction paper. Everyone drew lots of different sea creatures. The children made the Ocean scene look very colourful and enjoyed talking and showing their friends what they had done.

 2-June 1 Ocean


 Lastly we came back together as a class and everyone showed what they had made and talked about our favourite types of sea creatures. The children were proud of what they had done and wanted to show their pictures to all their friends.



June 3 Ocean