As the season begins to become more festive, Penguins have been talking about Christmas. Penguins spoke about what their classroom needs for it to be Christmas and decided to decorate their classroom themselves! Penguins tore up tissue paper to use as a base for their collage decorations. Here, Penguins are slowly forming a Christmas stocking. (pic 1)



pic2-dec13-treeAfter seeing the school Christmas tree in the foyer, Penguins also decided they needed a Christmas tree. Again, they tore up different colored tissue paper and began to slowly glue it on into the shape of a tree.







pic3-dec13-decorateIt cannot be a Christmas tree without Christmas tree bulbs and other decorations! Penguins decorated the tree with a combination of crafts and their own art. Penguins glued on colored pom pom balls to give the tree some Christmas bulbs, and then glued on cut-outs they colored earlier to give the Christmas tree some Christmas spirit.