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From Santa Claus and presents, to Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, mistletoes and snowmen; the start of the winter season is full of a lot of exciting things that we learned about in the Ladybugs class. To start off the season, we decorated our classroom Christmas tree with ornaments we colored, and with some that we made ourselves. The children were so happy to see their own creations on the Christmas tree. Now and then they point at them and say their own names or “I did it!”, showing how proud they are of being part of making the tree look beautiful.

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We also made Christmas stockings for Santa Claus to put our presents on Christmas eve. We talked about what we would like Santa Claus to bring for us, and the children said they would like bicycles, princess dresses, soccer balls, and toy cars. So, we know that if we are really good, and listen to our parents and teachers, and are kind to our friends, then Santa will bring us the presents we want.




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Although we may not get to see snowfall in Osaka, the children were still happy to learn about snow, snowflakes, and snowmen through stories and coloring activities. We used our great big imagination to envision what it would look like to have snow, and we talked about building snowmen, and making snow angels. We did a snowmen coloring activity where we put different colors on the snowman’s scarf, hat, buttons, and mittens. The children have really enjoyed the Christmas theme of the winter season, and we will learn more about winter in the new year.


(Eunice and Tariro)