Our school theme for September was bugs and minibeasts! As a chance for the children to enjoy them up close and personal, we added some beetles to our classroom. The children liked to watch them and tell us what they are doing throughout the day. 




We had some chances to take the beetles outside and play with them. It was fun to let them crawl on our hands, and we collected some leaves to put inside their box for them to sleep on. 





We also found some other bugs to learn and talk about. Ladybugs, butterflies, dragonflies, and roly-polies all got some attention this month. 









In other news, our Summer Festival purchases arrived! Thanks to everyone’s hard work and generosity, KA has some new fun things to learn with in our classroom! Kinetic sand, some special new math and science toys, and a new bookcase all add fun and learning chances to our days. Thank you, everyone!


(Jenniffer and Manami)