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The new school year has started! We can see the beautiful cherry blossom tree in our playground. The children were so excited to see that. They liked picking up the petals and said “It’s so pretty!” They are enjoying spring very much! In April we have our Easter party. The children are saying, “The Easter bunny will come soon!” They are so excited about it!



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 First we painted the bottle yellow with a paint brush. It is still hard for them to use a brush, but they did it!   After it dried, we decorated the basket with stickers and color tissue paper. Then they made the handle for the basket. We put dry pasta on a pipe cleaner for the handle. It was a good challenge for the children to do the threading. Finally our easter baskets were ready!



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 When we tell them that we will go egg hunting, they get so excited about the Easter event! Let’s enjoy our beautiful spring!


(David and Akari)