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We have been using the Handwriting Without Tears program to practice writing the alphabet and numbers.  In this picture, we are writing the capital letter L in our My First School Book workbooks.  The children are doing a great job of gripping their crayons correctly, sitting properly, and following the stroke order for each letter carefully. 

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For our reading lessons, we have been studying the Set 1 Speed Sounds: a-z, th, ch, sh, ng, and nk.  On this day we worked on Ditty Sheet 1 where we went through the speed sounds, red words, and green words using our ‘Fred Fingers` to decode and read them together with our reading partners.




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We prepared for the winter show by letting the children move around like all the different characters in the story. It allowed them to use their imagination, express themselves and move freely while enjoying their preparation for the show.


(Steven and Adam)