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The Frogs and the Lions class decided to do a joint extension this month. We thought it would be a great experience for the older children to become teachers and for the younger children to learn from them. We used the theme of “Fairy tales & Myths” and the Lions class took turns reading a page of the story Hansel & Gretel.


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After reading the story, the children had a chance to do a craft together in pairs. They made Hansel & Gretel’s candy house using construction paper and glue. The KB students we there to guide the children through the activity.







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Frogs class was really excited to spend time with the Lions, and the KB students were very encouraging. They supported the Frogs through each step of the activity, and were very playful and silly. It was nice to see the two levels learn from each other, laugh and create memories!

Kaneshia and Yayoi