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Happy New Year! Since the children have returned to school in January, our main focus has been to build upon the skills that will prepare them for Pre-K. In doing so, the children are working really hard on building their fine motor skills in many different ways. During music time, they are using castanets to build fine motor control, which is necessary for the writing process.

Photo 2
 They have also been practicing their fine motor skills through drawing and tracing. The children are using crayons more often, and learning how to properly hold a crayon. They are also practicing control by drawing around shapes and coloring inside the lines.




Photo 3We are really happy with the progress that they are making. They have been doing really well with our fine motor workshop. They are able to put buttons through their holes, sticks in the sauce bottles and are even practicing picking up pom poms with chopsticks. These skills are not only great for writing, but they are important basic life skills as well. We can’t wait to see how much they grow from now until March!

Kaneshia & Momoko