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The children have really been enjoying September’s theme: “Insects and Creepy Crawlies”. They’ve been using many materials and mediums to create an insect garden for our classroom wall. They started by finger painting the grass for our garden using butcher paper, as well as green and yellow paint. They really liked feeling the texture of the paint on their hands.

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They also made a bumble bee for their garden. We incorporated math into the theme, as they used construction paper shapes to complete its face. They glued on each part of the face independently, and followed our instructions quite well. They chose how they wanted their bee to feel, as they placed its facial features, and used it as a means to express their emotions.



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Most recently, they made a shell for the snails that they will add to their garden. We called them our “Mushy Washy Snails”. They really enjoyed this activity, as they had the creative freedom to paint using any colors that they liked. They are beginning to express their desires and interests quite well, and can articulate their favourite colors and activities. We cannot wait to complete September’s project and display our beautiful garden to the school!

Kaneshia & Momoko