The Frogs had a busy month in April. We focused on preparing for Easter and learning about ourselves through our self-portrait project. We used each activity to connect all of our learning together and make it more concrete. As the children created their baskets for Easter, we discussed some of the parts of our bodies; such as our eyes, ears and our noses.


In addition to learning about the parts of our bodies, we talk about the many colors in the world around us. We encouraged them to talk about the colors that they like and allowed them the creative freedom to make decisions about what colors they used in each activity. During the Easter egg mosaic craft, the children enjoyed deciding what colors they were going to use for their eggs.



During the Easter event, we used the children’s crafts to decorate the classroom in order to display their work in a meaningful way. We wanted them to feel proud of their accomplishments and to build their confidence by seeing what they were able to accomplish. The children learned a lot about themselves this month and we were happy that they had fun at our Easter party!            

 Kaneshia & Yayoi