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At the beginning of the month we planted the canola for next year with the eagles. Everyday during outside play the Foxes help take care of the canola and some of the other plants by watering them. They love to help out and have a lot of fun doing it. Good job Foxes!

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During Circle Time we learned about animals. We played a game where we asked “Flew, flew, what flew?” and the teacher would say an animal that flew like an eagle. The students would respond with “Eagles flew!” and stand up then act like an eagle. If the teacher said an animal that couldn’t fly, the students stayed seated. The Foxes didn’t get tricked! They are very clever!




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For Math this month we have been learning about money. This day we learned about coins. We talked about how much each one was worth. We also talked about how many of, for example, 100yen coins were in a 500 yen coin. The Foxes worked really hard to figure it out. After this, we did some shopping role playing and the Foxes really enjoyed it!



(Mallory and Aya)