1. Rockets

Thanks to everyone’s hard work at the Summer Festival, we raised money to buy some wonderful things for the classroom. The Ducks have to squeeze these soft rockets to find the stars inside. The stars have a word on for them to try and read.



2. KeysThese locks will only open when the Ducks find the key with the matching word written on it. Since we started playing with them, many of the Ducks have improved their reading skills without noticing.







3. Costumes These costumes are the most popular purchases. Recently, the classroom is full of superheroes and princesses (and a policeman to make sure everyone is sharing the costumes!)








4. EverythingHere are all of the things we got. The Bee toy is cute, and great for their fine motor skills. The books have fun pictures and contain many of the words that we learned in the reading programme.