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The ducks were so excited for Halloween and all of the creepy and scary monsters that came with it. After reading the Big Green Monster book, we created our own big green and purple monster masks. This day we took our masks around the school to show other classes how scary we were!

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In August, our theme was “insects and other creepy crawlies”. On this day, one of our students brought in some special bell grasshoppers. The ducks were so excited to see real bugs and here they are waiting to see the grasshoppers open their wings to make a chiming sound.






August is an exciting month filled with summer festivals and fireworks. For this day, the ducks used various summer crafts they made throughout the month to have a summer festival dramatic play. They purchased watermelon and takoyaki, and had a picnic on the carpet while viewing their fireworks craft display.

-Alex and Junko