1. Toys

Thank you for all your hard work on the Summer Festival booths. Thanks to your help, we could get all of these toys and activities for the Ducks classroom.


2. Costumes
  1. We bought some more costumes for everyone. We have several princess dresses for them to wear (plus a firefighter and a police officer to keep them safe!)





3. Games
  1. Here is one of the games we bought. In this one, the Ducks have to match each animal to the place it lives. We also have some similar games to practice shapes and colours.






4. Books
  1. We were able to buy a box of Beatrix Potter books for the class. Peter Rabbit is her most famous, but there are many other cute ones too. The Ducks already ask for these books sometimes. (They don’t know their names yet, but they ask “Please read the rabbit book!” or “Please read the cat story!”)