The Ducks have been doing a number of different crafts this year. They always get excited when we say that we will be doing craft that day. But these crafts are not only fun, they are contributing to the Ducks learning too. Here they are painting plates to make their jellyfish. Even just painting a plate is helping them to build focus, as they must find the white areas and paint them.  


Now they are threading pompom tape through the holes. This is a puzzle because the tape is much wider than the hole, so they have to twist up the tape to make it small enough. It helps develop their fine motor skills.





We were drawing pictures of daddy. This helps them understand their own body, how to hold a crayon and how to imagine and then draw the thing they want to draw.





We made a whale recently. They were sticking the different parts of the whale to the cup. To do so, they had to judge where to stick each fin, and where to put the eyes and tail.