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It is now December and the weather is getting colder and colder as each day passes by. The children are often talking about the weather being colder, but nothing stops them from running around and having and with their friends.

The children are growing up so quickly and learning more and more every day. We are all excited to see the children continue to grow and develop in our Dragonflies class.

In December, the children made a snowman-shaped Advent calendar. The children learned about the season of winter, that Santa is coming to visit on Christmas, as well as some Christmas themed characters like the snowman. While looking at a stuffed snowman, the teachers asked the children, “What are the eyes of a snowman made of?”. The children replied “2 buttons”. We also asked “What is used for a snowman’s nose?” and they replied “it’s a carrot nose” with smiling faces. The children watched us demonstrate making the snowman’s face using paper plates, buttons, pipe cleaners and paper cutouts and then they tried to make their own.

It was a bit difficult for the children to put the pipe cleaners through the holes of the buttons and then through the plate, but they did their best and enjoy this fine motor practice

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To finish their snowman, they all drew a mouth, using a marker in their favorite color, with a happy face. Each snowman has its own personality and is as unique as each child is.








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Each morning at school, we are placing a sticker on the new date on our Advent calendar and counting down the days until Christmas. The children count up to 25 in order, match the nose of the carrot to today’s date, get a sticker and stick it on the same number. This activity is great for counting practice, number recognition, understanding of dates, and finger movements.

Please continue to work together with your child at home until Christmas to fill in their advent calendar during the winter vacation. Have a wonderful winter holiday and we look forward to sharing with you all the new challenges we will take on with your child next year.(Serena, Akari, and Anna)