Picture 1

In this science experiment children got to feel the mixture of shaving cream and craft glue. The mixture gave it a fluffy consistency that resembles the snow. Children used the mixture and carefully crafted their 3D snowman project.

Picture 2
After placing the mixture unto their snowman outline, children used the various materials to decorate their snowmen. They carefully thought and selected the colors of the eyes and buttons for their snowman, as well as added the hands with a smile to give it a complete look! Look at these adorable snowmen!! They really turned out great and children were all excited and proud of themselves for what they have created. They are hoping their snowman will stay “up” long enough before they carry it home!


Picture 3

During the math lesson, children have been learning how to measure the length of something using the Kapla Blocks. This time we asked the children to line up and practiced their jumping skill by measuring the distance of their jumps. They were all excited and worked up their energy when they gave that jump!





Picture 4After the teachers placed the name tapes at where the children have stopped, each pair worked together and with great care they measured each other’s jumps using the Kapla blocks. Children lined up to see the result of their jumps. We tallied the number of Kapla blocks and cubes used to measure their jumps, then wrote the result on the white board to compare and see who’s got the longest or the shortest jumps. The children all cheered on each other and shouted frantically during the whole process. In the end, they told each other, “great job! It was so much fun! let’s do it again next time! ” 

Michelle & Ryohei