picture 1 september

Children enjoyed washing the clothes with their friends. They learned to share the space and give other children a turn. Water play is always a good way to promote conversations, the children were having a blast talking to each other about the different clothes they were washing. Some said, “this one is so dirty, I need to wash longer”, while some said, “ this one looks clean, I want to hang it up already”. It was so much fun to hear their conversations!

pictures 2 september



Children did so well hanging up the clothes on the clothes lines. They hung up with a clothespin all on their own. Some children helped other children who couldn’t reach the line, while some rearranged the space for others so they could hang up all of the clothes they cleaned.




pictures 3 september

In the rinse bin, children tried their best to ring out the excess water. It was not an easy task for them, however they all tried their best and helped their friends rang out the clothes together.

Michelle & Ryohei