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The children went on a field trip to a local park. Whilst there, they collected a basket full of seeds, nuts, sticks and twigs, leaves and other small items. Collecting them was a lot of fun but we had one more activity in mind. The items could be used to make some unique artwork.This is something you can do at home with your children, too.

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All we needed to make our artwork was the items from the first picture, a piece of A4 paper, some colourful markers and some glue.The children got busy drawing with their markers, selecting the items they wanted to use from the basket and pasting them on the paper.




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In the end, this is how some of the pictures turned out. Don’t they look great? And they were a lot of fun to make. The children used purple paper and the theme of the pictures was ‘Halloween and Autumn’.

If you would like to try this at home you can create your own theme to go with any season or event. I hope you try it!