Photo 1 Butterflies

The children in the Butterflies class love to be creative. During this craft lesson they learnt about how crayons and watercolors do not mix creating vivid and wonderful pictures. They all turned out great!


 Photo 2 Butterflies

It is always fun to get a little messy during craft time! The children painted their hands, gave each other high-fives, then splattered their paint-covered hands all over the paper. This paper was used to create the sea floor for one of our art projects.





Photo 3 Butterflies

It’s okay to get a little messy as long as we clean up afterward. The children did not hesitate to get involved and clean the floor. Our classroom is now clean and tidy until next time we get the paint out! We had a lot of fun together and the craft looks wonderful. Good job, Butterflies!

Joseph & Mitsuyo