Memory game – Children’s all time favorite memory card game is one of the popular game since we introduced it. This game requires team work and children are learning to wait in turns, following the game rule, and challenging their memory as well. They like to play together during the morning drive thru or in the little time they have after lunch.



900 pieces of small Lego – children love to express their creativity through the objects they built with the small Lego. They like to share what they are about to make before they start to construct. They also share their ideas with each other and help their friends when they get stuck. The most popular objects to create are the towers, castles, airplanes, cars, bridges, houses, zoos, and skyscrapers. The imagination is endless and priceless. Thru this activity children learn to be dynamic thinkers, and freely express their ideas and thoughts, they also inspire their friends and share their skills together.




Disney princess series Lego – Originally seem to be popular only among the girls surprisingly is loved by the boys in our class as well. Regardless of gender, both boys and girls spend equal amount of time sitting together and help each other find the missing pieces to create the princess scene. Due to the small sizes, children are forced to have to use their small muscles when they create, thus it also help promote small muscle development.





Drill tools – children take turn using the screwdrivers, whether it is with electrical drill or with the manual one. They learn to patiently screw each one on and off. This is a great exercise for their small muscle development which will benefit and help with their hand writing skill as well.