The theme of this month was all about dinosaurs. We learned a number of different dinosaurs and did various activities to make learning fun. Our craft included making dinosaur eggs. The students used a balloon covered in paper mache. They had to tear up old newspaper into strips and dip them in watered glue.

They carefully covered the balloons with the paper mache. The balloon was kept in a paper plate. They had fun getting their hands dirty and laughed. They talked about what kind of dinosaur would hatch from their egg.








 The children had to cover their balloon in paper mache twice to make sure that the egg will have a good shape when the glue dries. They enjoyed the activity and have gotten very good with taking responsibility for their work space. They cleaned their hands, put away their smoks, and cleaned up after them. They finally laid their dinosaur eggs on the floor to wait until they dry and then paint them another day.