After graduating, students will face new challenges to maintain their English communication skills. If they attend a Japanese elementary school, the environment that supports English is not present any more and they may struggle to keep their motivation. Also, English is no longer used on a daily basis and many of their new peers may not have enjoyed the privilege of early English immersion, which will lower the level of the class.

Global Village International Preschool strives to help our graduate students to keep the English abilities that they worked so hard to acquire. We offer two programs that may be integrated and cater for our graduates’ ever growing communication needs:


After School Program:

The after school program is designed to keep practicing the four skills students will need to succeed in English: Listening, speaking, reading and writing.

While meeting their new self-expression demands, the program will  prepare the students to take the Cambridge exam test held once a year. This will help us measure their English ability and ajust our after school program to the level of each child attending our schools.


Daycare for Elementary Students Program:

As students move on to elementary school, they lose an important resource they had in preschool, which is the opportunity to extensively play with their friends in English. That was when they had the chance to speak in English without a guided activity and the close adults’ supervision. It was the time they freely expressed themselves and made use of what they had learned in school.

Our daycare program for elementary school students will accept graduates from Global Village and will provide the amount of time they need to further develop their vocabulary and expression. They will also have the opportunity to communicate with the students still in school that have full confidence in their speaking abilities.

Those students will be able to start attending the daycare program as soon as they finish their elementary school and stay until 6:00 every day. Three times a week, they will also participate in our after school program for graduates.


Entrance Fee (once)
After-School Program ¥31,500
Maintenance Fee (yearly)
After-School Program ¥17,000
Class Age Teacher/ student ratio Hours Tuition (monthly)
Advanced After School (preschool graduates and returnees) 1st~6th grades up to ten 16:20~17:50 2 times a week \14,000 / 3 times a week \18,000
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