Are there any other fees besides those mentioned in the information booklet?
All the basic daily costs are included. However, field trips, medical examinations and rental fees for events such as Winter Show, Sports Day and Graduation Ceremony are paid separately as cost will vary.
When are the school holidays?
School will close at Golden Week (one week), Obon (one week) and Christmas/New Year’s time (three weeks). At enrolment, students will receive the school yearly schedule that will list school days and holidays for the current term.
What is the schedule like for day care children?
After 2:00, students will be divided into two different groups. The younger ones will take a nap and the older ones will have some quiet time reading books or watching a video. At 3:30 all of the children will have a snack. After 4:00, schedule will vary. They may take part in activities such as playing outside or in the gym, work in a craft, book reading, board game or puzzle station, or simply interact with teachers in playing areas.
How can children maintain their English level after graduating?
Global Village holds special advanced classes for graduates from our school. Graduates will enjoy after school classes that are designed to help students keep up with their English and interact with their former classmates. Once a year they will take part (optional) in the Cambridge test to measure their English level.
Does Global Village have a uniform?
 Global Village Uniforms are designed and produced by Familiar , a leading company in children’s clothes in Japan. Students have the option to choose from a red, navy blue or white polo short. A school sweater, a jacket and a hat complement the uniform (please refer to the pictures).

My child is still wearing nappies…
Like any other skills in children, toilet training comes at the right time. When your child is prepared, teachers and your family will discuss and work together to make that transition period the smoothest possible.
What kinds of events do you have?
A number of events (both Japanese and foreign) take place during the year. Please refer to the “Activities and Events”page for more information.
Do you provide lunch?
Yes, we do. Lunch is prepared with young children’s growth in mind. For details, please refer to the “Lunch” page.
Does school have a PTA?
Once a week, parents who want to take part in volunteer work for specific classes or the school, get together for a meeting in the parents’ room. That participation is informal and not mandatory.
Are there observation days for parents in the school?
Global Village has an open door policy, but scheduling specific observation days will bring a fairly large number of adults to the classroom and that will probably disturb the class atmosphere. You can come and join your child’s class at any time of the year and, instead of only observing, enjoy the activities for the day with the children. In that system you will more likely see the way your child behave in class every day.
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