Students’ health and are a priority at Global Village. We daily foster the healthy and hygienic habits that should begin at an early age.

Our program includes regular medical checks at different times of the school year as required by the Osaka Board of Education:


Good Habits Week

General Medical Examination / 2 times a year

Dental Examination / 1 time a year

Eye Examination / 1 time a year

Ear/Nose/Throat Examination / 1 time a year



Security All of Global Village schools are secured by Secom and Toyotec, leading companies in building security in Japan. Cameras monitor schools’key areas such as playground and school entrance 24 hours a day and those images are recorded for future recall, if necessary.

Emergency Drills These take place once a month as required by the Osaka Board of Education. Fire drills and earthquake drills alternate in different months and are held to prepare students for the procedures in extreme situations. Once a year, the fire department visits the school with trucks and equipments for a detailed explanation.

E-Mail System Our schools swiftly communicate with parents through a highly reliable emailing system, so that information is received by everyone on their cellular phones as soon as it is sent. This is important not only to convey daily messages, but also to inform families about emergencies, as Japan is a country where natural disasters commonly occur.

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